Teacher Training Spotlight: Shaun Jenkins

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(1) Shaun, what do you love about teaching yoga?

I love that every class is different and always presents an opportunity to meet and guide new students. I also love to see students with a regular practice putting in the work and progressing. It’s especially a blessing when students experience breakthrough moments and their faces light up with joy.

(2) What are you looking forward to sharing during the TT Intensive?

Because of my unusual yoga path and the teachers I’ve studied with, I’m most looking forward to passing on my knowledge gleaned from thinking outside the box. I consider myself a cerebral individual and look forward to teaching students to think deeply and challenge everything.

(3) What about your own TT experience surprised you?

When I decided to take TT, it was due to the desire to learn more about yoga. At the time, I was working graveyard shifts and the process was brutal due to lack of sleep. What I didn’t realize then was that the commitment and discipline needed for me to eventually pursue my calling as a yoga teacher was being cultivated by attending TT under these conditions.

There were times when I thought about quitting and felt close to losing heart because I was also painfully shy and terrified to speak publicly. I never thought I could find my voice as a teacher. But, I persevered and with the help and determination of Joel Richey (my fellow TT student) and my teachers encouraging me to believe in myself, I finally succeeded in obtaining my TT certification.

The most surprising experience after graduating was to discover my inner voice and to be confident speaking in public. This alone was a massive achivement and one I could not have done without yoga.

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