The House of Yogi Studios Cleaning Protocol in Response to COVID-19:

State of California Mandate for Gyms for your review


  • Do not touch your face or face mask
  • No restroom will be available for the first week after opening
  • Regular hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds should be done after sneezing, coughing, or nose blowing, after using the restroom.
  • If soap and water are not available, use a (60% min) alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Sanitizing stations are installed logically throughout the studio.The House of Yogi Employees and STUDENTS must conduct health checks daily. Do not come to yoga sick.
  1. Do you have a fever?
  2. Do you have respiratory symptoms?
  3. If sick, seek care through your primary health provider.
  4. If found to have COVID, all employees, ICs and students should immediately self-report and notify

Interior Environments

Maintain 6 feet distance from person to person
In our retail space, follow retail guidelines. Employees, ICs and Renters are to wear masks at all times. Customers of our retail space are to wear masks at all times.
On the yoga studio floor, teachers and students may or may not wear masks AND yoga students will enter with masks on.
Only wear gloves when cleaning. Gloves spread germs. Students should not wear gloves.
Each class will open doors 10 minutes prior to class.


  • Please pre-register and pre pay for every class as size will be limited due to spacial distancing.
  • For your first visit…regardless of if you ever have been to the studio, you are required to sign an updated liability waiver. This will be done via your phone on your WellnessLiving Account
  • Maintain 6 feet and file in that order. The doors will be propped open to minimize touching surfaces.
  • Please wear easy to remove shoes and plan to take them off at the door and place in your bag with all personal items. There will be no storage for personal items. All personal items will be brought to your yoga mat. Leave as much as you can in the trunk of your locked car. There will be no lost and found.
  • Hand Sanitize your hands.
  • Do not sign in at the desk.
  • Instead, go to a designated mark on the yoga studio floor and sit down with all your belongings. All markings have been made with 6 feet apart.
  • The yoga teacher will do a “roll call” and check you in on their phone.
  • Bring your own props including mat and water. No props or water will be available. Props are available to buy. Bolsters- $35. Two blocks for $15
  • When class ends, the teacher will open the room to conversation and socialization staying on mats.
  • After class you may gather in the parking lot with your friends to socialize safely at 6 feet.
    Weather permitting, the doors both front and back will be propped open. All interior doors (except bathroom and front door) will remain open at all times.
    Our studios will not be using air conditioning or heating for the time being. Plan to dress lighter if you are uncomfortable at that temperature.
    Classes will be live streamed to support our online community of yoga practitioners
    No physical touch of any kind including hands on healing or physical adjustments will be made.Cleaning Protocol
  • The House of Yogi has secured EPA approved cleaners, hand sanitizers, dust mops, and misters.
    Yoga Studio (after every class)
  • Steam mop hard surfaces with cleaners wall to wall.
  • Wipe and sanitize all light switches and doorsYoga Studio (daily deep clean)
  • Mop wall to wall with medical grade commercial cleaner.
  • Mist studio walls and objects with cleaner
  • Deep clean bathroomRetail, Entrance, Restrooms and Common Area (2x day for retail, hourly for restrooms)
  • Sweep and mop wall to wall. Sanitize all walls, light switches and doors
  • Clean Restroom fixtures, mirrors, door handles, counters
  • Sanitize all glass surfaces
  • Vacuum Walk off mats
  • Dust and Sanitize all low reach areas
  • Dust and Sanitize all high reach areas