Yoga Classes — 5 Main Practices

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All Levels Vinyasa

Basic knowledge of poses and breathing techniques is recommended for a more enjoyable experience. This energizing Vinyasa flow class is made up of sun salutations, standing, balancing and more basic arm balances, inversions and backbends. The teacher gives options for …

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Hatha At The House

Hatha Yoga practice involves a combination of active strength and stretching. You'll have a chance to move your spine in multiple directions, unlocking stagnant energy leaving you feeling grounded and refreshed. Hatha yoga combines seated, reclined, standing & balancing poses as proactive care for aging...

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Deep Stretch

Our Deep Stretch class is one of our most popular classes! This class involves grounding based active stretching (butt, belly, back, and knees), often using props to support the body. Targeting major muscle groups and problem areas is involved so expect to ...

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Restorative Yoga

Feeling a little run down physically and/or mentally from this stressful experience we call life? Fill your cup back up with a restorative class that focuses on healing through releasing deeply held tensions in the body and the mind. Relax after a long day in beautiful ambiance of candlelight...

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Yin yoga is a dynamic practice where poses are held passively from 3-10 minutes to target the connective tissue in the body. The connective tissues have less blood flow and are accessed when the surrounding muscles relax. Props are offered to help the muscles relax in order to gradually find more depth in each pose...

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