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Sheri Colosimo, The House of Yogi’s Summer Intensive Teacher Training lead, has earned her yoga chops, and then some. She has led more than ten 200-hour Teacher Training Programs as well as advanced trainings.  She’s as comfortable presenting at national yoga conferences and festivals as she is  teaching a private client. She’s a pro.

And let’s be honest, when it comes to yoga teacher training, you want the best, most experienced teacher available. You want a pro. Sure, teachers with less years of experience have something to offer, but there’s some knowledge that only years of experience can afford you.  Sheri has this knowledge.

She also loves what she does. You can feel it in her responses below:

(1) What do you love about teaching?

I love de-mystifying the practice. For me, yoga is about connecting with one another and ourselves. I enjoy setting up a space that is inviting and allows each student to find an hour of calm with the hope that they can take that peace back into your lives off the mat.

(2) What are you looking forward to sharing during the TT Intensive?

Intensives are the best! We get to spend 15 days immersed in learning. Bonds are quickly formed in this type of environment, which allows the trainees to not only learn from the program leads but from each other. I look forward to sharing what I feel I do best as a teacher: crafting intelligent sequences that feel natural in the body as well as sharing a theme that challenges a practitioner to elevate the experience beyond the physical.

(3) What about your own TT experience surprised you?

That I would teach yoga when I was done. I entered the experience with a desire to gain knowledge…that was it. By the time my program was complete, I knew that yoga would always be a part of my life and that I had to share what I learned. My desire was to have others experience what I discovered on that mat…a slowing down & a mindfulness that I hadn’t experienced before. Twelve years later, I am still teaching and can’t imagine my life any other way.

So what are you waiting for? Invest in experience. Invest in YOU.

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