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MAY 21 Day Challenge

Yoga at the House  |  Meditation at Your House

A practice challenge requires discipline. Yep – the dreaded D word. But as a wise man once said, discipline is simply remembering what you want. You want to feel strong in your body, centered in your mind, connected to community and an overall sense of integration, don’t you? A practice challenge can be the fast track to all of this!

A yoga challenge is a powerful way to start a healthy new habit, or to recommit to your existing practice.  Consistency leads to progress; it can help you push through a plateau and is an excellent tool for deepening your ability to listen to your body.

With this in mind, the goal is to commit to regular practice, not to overdo. So we’re asking that you practice yoga asana with us for 21 out of the 31 days of May. We recommend taking days off and incorporating Deep Stretch and Restore classes into your 21 days of practice. The body and mind need balance, not balls-out overexertion that leaves you in need of recovery. Build the foundation for a continued consistent practice –  a practice you can maintain long after June arrives.

We highly recommend trying as many House teachers as possible during your 21-day commitment. We also suggest complementing your in-studio postural practice with a meditation practice at home. We’ll provide app recommendations so that you can easily and accurately track your sitting practice. Our House app always provides up-to-date class schedules for both studios.

Up your game, challenge yourself, and stay open to new experiences  — from the instructors who guide you, to the times and locations of your practice, to the types of classes you engage in. Commit!

Who can do it?
Everyone! No experience necessary.

What do I need to do?
Simply attend 21 classes during the month of May at either (or better, both) House studios and you’re automatically entered. Your class attendance will be tracked through MindBody Online. All practice challenge participants are eligible for giveaways* from The House of Yogi and local vendors. Bonus prizes* are available for yogis who take a class from EVERY House teachergiveaways announced on Instagram!


  • Incorporate meditation. Dive deeper! Track your meditation minutes via recommended apps** and notice how your sitting practice affects your asana practice (and life).
  • Provide feedback! Check in via Facebook and/or Instagram. Share your experiences about the potency & potential of this practice.

*Prizes include Manduka gear, House shirts & water bottles, and gifts from San Diego vendors!
** Meditation APP recommendations will be posted: @thehouseofyogi

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