Teacher Training Spotlight: Gabrielle Blachley

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(1) Gabrielle, what do you love about teaching yoga?

Teaching is the opportunity for teacher/student, for a moment in time to escape the perhaps harsh realities of the outside world, and to enter a state of truly healing your physical body and mind. Every time you step onto the mat is a chance to face another fear, to break through what restrains and limits you from being truly free. Being a teacher provides an opportunity to hold that space of healing, life reflection and spiritual introspection by creating a sanctuary of loving kindness, support and guidance. Allowing for the students’ breath and energy to guide you, as you, in turn, guide them. Together as one stepping into the multitude of possibilities that exists in our inner and outer worlds at all times. The true gift is witnessing your students break through and find their fearless freedom!

(2) What are you looking forward to sharing during the TT Intensive?

Teaching is a gift and opportunity to share what I’m most passionate about: the extraordinary world of healing and movement. When we truly allow ourselves to turn inward we are guided by our breathe and natural rhythms to heal. My focus as a teacher is to let the student be guided by their own intuition and instincts, trusting the self and being vulnerable when needed. There are endless ways to construct your classes and practice so that they are transformative, allowing the body to guide you so your are conscious and aware of what’s needed at that particular moment in time.

(3) What about your own TT experience surprised you?

There’s seems to be a common thread among many yoga teachers — and that is we had no clue we were destined to walk the path of “yoga teacher!” I truly believe the path can choose you, like many things in life…

I was incredibly interested in the world of healing and went to India with the intention to study Ayurveda, but instead I ended up in an intensive Teacher Training program, which would unknowingly change my life forever and help me face many of my fears and insecurities. That was over ten years ago and there was this undeniable magnetic pull — I was meant to teach. At the time I just saw it as another life tool; little did I know how powerful of a life tool it would be. Through all the crazy chaos and absolute joy in my life, the only constant has been my yoga practice, truly. Being able to share this tool and gift has been an incredible life blessing.

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