01. 75min Yoga Playlist on Spotify

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Enjoy our latest Spotify plalist, a slow burning mellow electronic journey that builds into a pulsing climax, before winding down through alleyways of haunting piano and melancholy.

Follow us on Spotify (thehouseofyogi) for all our amazing playlists coming soon! To find us, search “spotify:user:thehouseofyogi” in the general search bar, not the “friends” search bar.
Do you want to hear your favorite song featured? Email us and let us know by filling out the “Contact Us” form on The House of Yogi website.

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      Hi Kelly,

      For some reason, we are not showing up when searched (thehouseofyogi) and have emailed support to find out why. Will let you know when we do, thanks!

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        Search for “spotify:user:thehouseofyogi” in the general search bar, not the “friends” search bar and thehouseofyogi will appear.

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