Student Spotlight: Rachel Webb

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Meet Rachel Webb, a pediatric registered nurse, fur-baby mama and recent graduate of The House of Yogi 200-Hour Teacher Training. Rachel is a sassy redhead who was initially drawn to yoga only for it’s physical benefits, and skeptical that it offered anything more, but who now continues her practice for the rich internal work and benefits it affords. Read on to learn more about her practice …

Recipe: Cilantro Power Soup

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This recipe is a raw soup, so no cooking involved, which is (a) easier and less time consuming to prepare than a hot soup, and (b) better preserves the nutrients of the ingredients.  And when we’re talking about cilantro, there are a lot of nutrients to preserve. The word cilantro is actually Spanish for the word coriander, and is what we typically call the …

04. 60min Yoga Playlist on Spotify

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This delicious mix of mysterious desert inspired beats will transport you to a time of magic an exploration of the senses. Click here to listen. Follow us on Spotify (thehouseofyogi) for all our amazing playlists! To find us, search “spotify:user:thehouseofyogi” in the general search bar, not the “friends” search bar.