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Posted by | June 30, 2016
Inside Yoga Teacher Training: Ready Or Not, We Are Here!

“Am I ready for yoga teacher training?” When I found out that The House of Yogi (THOY) was offering a 200-hour YTT intensive during the summer, I did what any...

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Posted by | June 6, 2016
7 Epic Reasons To Do The House of Yogi Intensive Teacher Training

The House of Yogi’s Summer Intensive Teacher Training (TT) starts THIS FRIDAY. Both students and teachers are gearing up for what is going to be an amazing and intimate learning experience. We...

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Posted by | May 13, 2016
Teacher Training Spotlight: Gabrielle Blachley

Gabrielle, what do you love about teaching yoga? Teaching is the opportunity for teacher/student, for a moment in time to escape the perhaps harsh realities of the outside world, and...

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Posted by | May 13, 2016
Teacher Training Spotlight: Ben Peterson

What do you love about teaching yoga history and philosophy, Ben? Teaching can very much be a mirror to each of us in terms of our own self-understanding and sadhana. ...

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Posted by | May 6, 2016
Warrior Pose, aka Motherhood

Ah, Mother’s Day -- that yearly reminder of what’s never really forgotten. I mean, the fact that you’re a mom doesn’t slip your mind, does it? Or at least not...

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Posted by | March 31, 2016
10 Ways Yoga & Meditation Will Make You Cool

(Warning: Hilarious!) As if reduction in stress, increase in gray brain matter, general peace of mind, improved physical fitness and overall positive state of well-being aren’t enough, here are a...

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Posted by | December 31, 2014
Focus on…Chaturanga Dandasana

I've long seen students practicing a variety of chaturangas where their alignment is not optimal to prevent an injury surfacing over time. As a result, and in an effort to...

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Posted by | December 30, 2014
Focus on…Warrior 2

I'm often asked by students about the correct alignment and muscle activation in Warrior 2 (Virabhadrasana II). Before we get look closer at the physical aspects of this pose, think...

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Posted by | September 25, 2014
Lessons from a 30 Day Yoga & Meditation Challenge

With summer drawing to a close and distractions abounding, my partner and I decided to challenge ourselves with a 30 day Yoga and Meditation challenge. An opportunity to hit the...

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