Posted by Cindy J | 16 11 2017| Playlist
Chillout Yoga Music

Kick back and relax with this super chill yoga playlist designed for mellowing out.

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Posted by Cindy J | 14 11 2017| Juice Recipes
Fall Detox Smoothie

This detoxifying and immune-boosting smoothie is the perfect kick-start to the holiday season. You can easily bank some health credits with this simple and delicious fall smoothie as the big meals and holiday parties commence. We all know the major vitamin C boost that oranges provide, but they also give your body needed potassium, calcium,...

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Posted by Cindy J | 18 08 2017| Playlist
Funky Electronic Yoga Playlist

One of the best!! Enjoy this funky, beat filled yoga playlist designed to build gradually and keep you enthralled the whole way through! Click here to listen. Follow us on Spotify (thehouseofyogi) for all our amazing playlists! To find us, search “spotify:user:thehouseofyogi” in the general search bar, not the “friends” search bar.  

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Posted by Cindy J | 05 07 2017| Other, Teacher Spotlight
Teacher Spotlight: Lauren Knuth

Past training/current titles: I have a Bachelors of Arts from University of Colorado and spent ten years in the corporate world, not enjoying it much and doing a ton of yoga to compensate.:) After having two babies in two years, my husband and I were trying to adjust to life with small children and took...

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Posted by Cindy J | 28 06 2017| Juice Recipes
Recipe: Vegan Tropical Green Smoothie

Looking for a new summer smoothie recipe that will satisfy and tastes great? This Tropical Green is a good balance of fruits and vegetables, including ¼ of an avocado that satiates and helps provide the luscious, creamy texture. The coconut water helps keep you hydrated in high temps, and the lime juice and mango/pineapple provide...

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Posted by Cindy J | 24 05 2017| Student Spotlight
Student Spotlight: Rachel Webb

Meet Rachel Webb, a pediatric registered nurse, fur-baby mama and recent graduate of The House of Yogi 200-Hour Teacher Training. Rachel is a sassy redhead who was initially drawn to yoga only for it's physical benefits, and skeptical that it offered anything more, but who now continues her practice for the rich internal work and benefits it affords. Read on...

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Posted by Cindy J | 18 05 2017| Food Recipes
Recipe: Cilantro Power Soup

This recipe is a raw soup, so no cooking involved, which is (a) easier and less time consuming to prepare than a hot soup, and (b) better preserves the nutrients of the ingredients.  And when we're talking about cilantro, there are a lot of nutrients to preserve. The word cilantro is actually Spanish for the word coriander, and is...

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Posted by Cindy J | 27 04 2017| Teacher Spotlight
Teacher Spotlight: Zoë Freedman

Zoë is a much-loved instructor at The House of Yogi. If you’ve met her, you understand why. Zoë is bubbly and extroverted; her zest for life is palpable, and quite contagious. You can feel her passion for yoga in each class - which are well planned and thoughtfully sequenced. Zoë has extensive classical ballet training...

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Posted by Cindy J | 11 04 2017| Yoga Poses
Yoga Poses: Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

Garudasana, (gah-rue-DAHS-anna) garuda=king of birds, asana = pose Eagle pose is a standing balancing yoga posture.  It’s one of the 84 original asanas listed in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, which was written sometime around 1200-1300 AD. Although it’s a traditional pose, it’s not an easy pose. It can be tricky to attain this posture the...

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Posted by Cindy J | 04 04 2017| Food Recipes
Recipe: Curried Chickpea Salad

Looking for a healthy spring lunch that will keep you full but won't weigh you down?  Tuna or chicken salad may sound like a good options, but they're actually full of toxins like mercury and antibiotics, and commercial mayo is not only full of harmful oils, but also a lot of ingredients that are hard...

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