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Posted by | May 18, 2017
Recipe: Cilantro Power Soup

This recipe is a raw soup, so no cooking involved, which is (a) easier and less time consuming to prepare than a hot soup, and (b) better preserves the nutrients...

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Posted by | April 4, 2017
Recipe: Curried Chickpea Salad

Looking for a healthy spring lunch that will keep you full but won't weigh you down?  Tuna or chicken salad may sound like a good options, but they're actually full...

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Posted by | March 7, 2017
Recipe: Carrot and Maca Soup

Maca is in many ways a ‘wonder’ food, and is an easy addition to many recipes. Maca is a plant that is native to Peru, and it’s the root of...

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Posted by | January 11, 2017
Recipe: Salmon with Mustard Celeriac Mash

Celeriac, or celery root, is the ugly duckling of winter produce. It's a misshapen, light brown blob covered in little roots. But beyond the odd exterior, celeriac boasts a tasty,...

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Posted by | November 1, 2016
Recipe: Sweet Potato and Spinach Soup

The season of change is in motion. As the days of Autumn carry a light and cool breeze, the browning of the earth writes the message of grounding and nourishment in...

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