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Yoga Etiquette

Class starts promptly at 1 minute after scheduled time. The front door is locked and the sliding door closed in order to get the class started. Show up on time, at least 10 minutes before scheduled start time. A wise master once said “Early is on time”.

Bring only your mat, towel, hydration and props onto the practice space. If you do not have a yoga mat and/or towel, they can be rented for a nominal fee.

Leave your shoes under the benches and checkin with the front desk person. If you need to change from street clothes into yoga gear, please use a dressing room instead of the rest room. Leave this free for people who need the bathroom.

Please switch your cell phone off or to silent and Do Not bring onto studio floor with you to practice.

Unfurl your mat quietly and set it up correctly. If you’re not sure, look around and see what other people have done. Be aware of the space that you take. Take care not to step on other people’s mats. Keep conversation to a minimum, keeping voices low, or stay silent altogether. If needed, move your mat to make room for others in a full class. Kindness and compassion are encouraged.

Leaving before class is finished is strongly discouraged and shows disrespect to your teacher and fellow practitioners. If you absolutely need to leave before class is finished, especially in Savasana, inform your instructor before the start of class. Leave as quietly as you can, respecting those who have worked hard to get to this period of silence.

When class is finished, clean up your immediate area and neatly return props to where you found them. Feel free to use mat cleaner and cleaning pads to wipe down your mat. If you worked up a sweat, please mop up the area with a towel.

Locating The Studio

The House of Yogi is very easy to get from all major highways as well roads from  Point Loma, Sports Arena, Old Town, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Crown Point, Mission Beach and Linda Vista.

We are located in Midway Towne center right next door to the Wells Fargo bank. Entry to the studio is through the front doors located next to the Wells Fargo ATM, tons of parking all through the center.

Yes! Plenty of free and convenient parking around the yoga studio. Tons of shops and eateries too!

General Questions

Certain classes can get quite full so it is recommended you reserve your spot online either through your account, or our quick and easy app that you can download from our website on the “Rewards” page.

We currently have one beautiful restroom with three changing rooms. Due to water restrictions in drought stricken San Diego when we built the studio, we chose not to build showers.

We consider 79 degrees to be the optimal temperature and program a weekly schedule into the thermostat to prepare the room to that temperature as best we can. This typically occurs in winter and in summer we change the thermostat to cool instead of heat and have it set to cool the room to 79 degrees before class if the temperature has risen above that. Some days it’s a little bit below, some hotter days, a little bit above and also depends on how many people are in class and how vigorous the flow is that for that particular class on that day. So, we consider The House of Yogi to be a mildly heated studio when the weather is a little colder outside, with temperatures ranging between 75 – 85 degrees so that the student can focus during class while building internal heat. Go deeper into your practice safely without the distraction of an overly eager heated environment via vinyasa and restorative classes.

Our Studio amenities include plentiful yoga props, a purified hydration station and boutique with the essentials: yoga mats/accessories, apparel, jewelry and much more.

The House of Yogi believes in practicing safely. Our yoga classes are structured in a way to progress the new student in a safe and effective manner. For a more enjoyable experience, please feel comfortable with any of the Pose Fundamentals at the Yoga Wall, Deep Stretch Restore, Yin and Hatha yoga classes before attending an All Vinyasa class if you are new to yoga. If you are unsure, please check with the teacher or manager.

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