2020 YIN Certification Program

Teach people how to slow down, breathe deep, and hold long poses to heal inside out


Have you ever wondered why slowing down for long holds can be even more powerful and healing to the body than flowing fast? Whether you want to be a teacher of Yin or gain knowledge of how to manipulate your energy flow for healing purposes, this program will give you those tools. Join Cindy as she provides an in depth explanation of all things Yin. You’ll leave prepared and ready to teach Yin Style Yoga with a comprehensive understanding of yoga pose, meridians impacted mindful way to sequence a class!

2 Weekends in March plus a Thursday Eve


March 6th (Friday) – 6:30pm-9:00pm
March 7th (Saturday) – Noon-7:00pm
March 8th (Sunday) – 12:00pm-3:30pm


March 12th (Thursday) – 6:30pm-9:00pm
March 13th (Friday) – 6:30pm-9:00pm
March 14th (Saturday) – Noon-7:00pm
March 15th (Sunday) – 12:00pm-3:30pm


The House of Yogi in Point Loma / Sports Arena & Radiant Yoga Studio in Bay Park.


$599 if purchased alone, $399 with TT.
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Course Highlights:

  • Origin of Yin
  • Background of founders of Yin
  • Integral definitions of Yin Concepts
    • Nadi/Meridians
    • Prana/Chi
    • Chakra/Dasian
    • Joints
    • Connective Tissue
    • Physical Benefits of Yin Poses
  • Understanding 3 Bodies of Existence
  • Learning that Yin is hybrid of Chinese & Indian Philosophy
  • Understanding Yin and Yang Energies
  • Meridian Theory
  • Understanding healthy chi vs scattered chi

Course Highlights:

  • You’ll learn physical poses, benefits, meridians that are being impacted and practice teaching!
    • Poses, Benefits, Associated Meridians
  • Practice Teaching
  • Developing a Sequence
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Setting Intentions
  • Music for Yin
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