Teacher Spotlight: Angelica Barrera

If you haven’t already, meet Angelica Barrera.  Angelica teaches both an All Levels Vinyasa on Wednesday mornings and a Candlelight All Levels Flow & Restore on Sunday evenings. She is a soothing but inspiring teacher who does an amazing job of cultivating a class space where we can dive into breath, move with ease and intention, and also find restful repose. Find out for yourself if you’ve not yet practiced with her!

Relevant trainings/ current titles: 
Angelica received her 200 hour yoga teaching certification here in San Diego at Mosaic back in 2012. She is also a certified ThetaHealer and a level II Reiki practitioner.

What do you like about teaching at The House of Yogi? 
I love the energy of the space — the people that fill it, the lighting. I walk in and my shoulders automatically begin to soften, I watch my breath naturally start to deepen. It’s a space that is both gentle and fierce, powerful and inviting. You can feel the care behind it all.

What do you try to inspire in your students? 
Empowerment. Authenticity. A strong and healthy relationship to Self. I love inspiring students to be with their truth, embrace and befriend their truth, their wholeness, their completely Divine purpose and presence here on earth. I aspire to be a reminder that we are Love itself, that we can love all parts of ourselves, that there is no need to fear the process of bringing forth what is beckoning to be birthed.

How would you describe your teaching style? 
Nourishing. I am constantly encouraging the practice to be an intuitive exploration and expression of what’s within, inviting students to move freely on their mats using their breath as their primary guide. Our bodies are so wise! We just need to listen. I aim to cultivate space where we can practice breaking away from habitual tendencies and move into more mindful living. I hone in on balancing strength with ease as we work hard, rest deep and transform challenge into opportunity.

What led you to yoga and inspired you to become a yoga instructor? 
My two best friends started practicing and I eventually followed suit. It wasn’t instant though, I cried after my first class and didn’t return for a while; it was so hard and I wanted to be great at it and feel as “enlightened” as I perceived my friends to be! Obviously the yoga was already working on me simply by bringing to surface those reflections and emotions. I was living in Boston at the time and didn’t fall in love with the practice until years later at a gym. Even then I was convinced teaching was a far-off-in-the-future kind of thing, “something I’ll probably do eventually, someday.” Teaching chose me. I remember the exact moment the seed was planted and the light bulb of inquiry turned on. It hasn’t turned off. It’s been the most beautiful journey and I’m constantly in awe of where it’s led. It’s a sweet reminder to me that life has plans for us beyond what we could even imagine.

Words to live by:
I’ve always loved the wisdom of, “Practice and all is coming.” I like to add to that, and remind myself that in the same stroke, “All I Need Is Aready Here.” (Duality!) Another favorite is a quote from Rumi, one I wrote on the front of my journal in 7th grade, “Your task is not to seek for love, but to seek and find the barriers you’ve built against it.”

You can keep up with Angelica here:
IG: gelipaz
Her website: www.journeywithangelica.wordpress.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/angelica.barrera.75
E-mail: angelica.p.barrera@gmail.com

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Angelica is an AWESOME teacher!

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