7 Epic Reasons To Do The House of Yogi Intensive Teacher Training

The House of Yogi’s Summer Intensive Teacher Training (TT) starts THIS FRIDAY. Both students and teachers are gearing up for what is going to be an amazing and intimate learning experience. We still have spots available — it’s not too late. So if you’re thinking about it, read on….. (and watch this video!)

If you look, you’ll find various published articles that list the generic top 3, or 5, or 10 reasons to do a yoga teacher training. If you’ve not seen any of these articles before, let me summarize — the below lists the most cited reasons to do a yoga teacher training:

— Become a yoga teacher (duh!)
— Deepen your physical practice / Fine-tune alignment
— Learn life skills / Self mastery / Self reflection / Personal insight
— Gain confidence
— Find your yoga family / Make lifelong friends
— Explore & deepen your spirituality / Transform
— Improve relationships

A pretty impressive list, right? Right!

But let’s get a little more personal. Let’s move from the generic to the particular. Let’s humanize this list.

The “list” below is gleaned directly from questions answered by The House of Yogi Teacher Training team. The team you can train with starting this Friday.

We’ll call it: 7 Epic Reasons to do The House of Yogi Summer Intensive Teacher Training

I ended up in an intensive Teacher Training program, which would unknowingly change my life forever and help me face many of my fears and insecurities.

I entered the experience with a desire to gain knowledge…that was it. By the time my program was complete, I knew that yoga would always be a part of my life and that I had to share what I learned. My desire was to have others experience what I discovered on that mat…a slowing down & a mindfulness that I hadn’t experienced before.

I was painfully shy and terrified to speak publicly. I never thought I could find my voice as a teacher. But, I persevered and… The most surprising experience after graduation was to discover my inner voice and to be confident speaking in public.

I entered TT with little expectation. I never expected it to not only shift my job, and where I lived, but to also happily shift my self-perspective.

I suppose what surprised me about much of the process, though, was how much my own practice contained essentially all that was needed, it was simply left to my teacher to point as to how to apply so much of what I already knew.

I’m always surprised by how much surfaces during a training. Whether it be a breakthrough in a particular asana, dealing with an old habit, or realizing the stories I’ve told myself are no longer true, Svadhyaya (self-observation) always leads to liberation. My own teacher training experiences have revealed to me the freedom the occurs when practicing being a witness and offering love and compassion to all beings everywhere

What I was most surprised by was how comfortable I felt teaching in front of a room full of strangers. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was nervous at first, but those nerves dissolved so quickly and the high that remained was unforgettable.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this would be my future.

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