All Levels Vinyasa

Transform your life one class at a time.

Preparing for Vinyasa Yoga

Basic knowledge of poses and breathing techniques is recommended for a more enjoyable experience. This energizing Vinyasa flow class is made up of sun salutations, standing, balancing and more basic arm balances, inversions and backbends. The teacher gives options for the student to explore the more complex, but approachable asanas (poses) as well as modifications if you are still working towards poses.  This fun and invigorating class burns fat, improves fitness, builds strength, tones, while improving balance, releasing stress and increasing flexibility. This is a unique opportunity for the student to practice with students of all levels, deepening everyone’s knowledge.

Our Candlelight Vinyasa offers a slower flow with quieter, more calming music to help you focus on your inner gaze to sharpen all other senses.  Come ready to deepen in your experience of yourself as you move your body in this low lighted environment!